Covid 19 Policies

Now, more than ever, the safety of our employees and the communities we serve are at the forefront of how we approach our day-to-day operations.

We’ve gathered important information to help you understand how we are ensuring the health, welfare and safety of our Grass Guys employees and the people we serve every day.

  • We continue to update our teams on a frequent basis to ensure that they are well informed and trained on the latest Grass Guys and CDC protocols, for both their safety and the safety of our customers. Please read about our ongoing efforts to keep our team and you safe:
  • Did you know that landscaping has been deemed an Essential Service by the Department of Homeland Security – Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), as per the March 28th CISA memorandum?

This is because much of what our teams handle on your properties are necessary to maintain the health, safety, sanitation and welfare of the public. This includes:

Protection of Public Safety: unmaintained exterior spaces dramatically increase the rate and chance of injuries from unmitigated hazards. Safety maintenance of landscape areas and materials is imperative to reduce the risk of falling branches, obstructed roadways and walkways, and weather-related (such as high winds) injuries.

Protection from Dangerous Conditions: services related to storm water management systems, water lines, irrigation breaks/repairs, fire hazards, and related concerns, provides protection from damaging and dangerous conditions.

Protection of Public Health: performing essential controls and treatments to green space reduces the transmission of dangerous and deadly pests and diseases.

Service of Essential Businesses: providing these services to essential businesses including healthcare operators, grocery stores, banks, educational institutions, residential facilities, professional services buildings and open spaces aids in safety to the public.

If you have additional questions regarding Grass Guy’s COVID19 protocols, please feel free to contact your Grass Guys branch directly or reach out to our main line at 302.657.1482